Requirements for publication


  • The total volume of the article is 8-20 pages. Font: Times New Roman; size 14, lint spacing - 1.5.
  • At the beginning of the article, it is important to specify the UDC, the author’s personal information (name, patronymic, and surname, place of employment) and the title of the article.
  • After the title, you should provide summary and keywords in language of the article. After bibliography, summaries are given in English. Summaries must contain at least 250-300 words.
  • The list of bibliography should be indicated at the end of the article, in the order of appearance of appropriate references. Completing the bibliography list, it is necessary to keep the requirements of the National Standard of Ukraine NSU 8302: 2015 “Information and Documentation. Bibliographic Reference. General Terms and Conditions of Drafting”.

The article must include such structural elements, which are marked in semi-bold:

  • problem statement in general and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;
  • analysis of recent research and publications on this topic, the allocation of previously unsolved parts of the general problem, the article is devoted to;
  • arrangement of goals of the article (statement of the task);
  • presentation of the main research material with a full substantiation of the obtained scientific results;
  • conclusions from the research and prospects for further research in this scientific direction.

In the text of the article, references to the used sources should indicate in numerical order, which is marked by the two square brackets, according to the list of sources (position of the quoted publication in the bibliography list, page, for example [16, c.17]). The list of used literature is performed under the name “Bibliography List”.


UDC 347.454

Anatolii Kodynets,

Cand. Jur. Sc., Associate Professor

Associate Professor of the Department of Intellectual Property

 Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv





Анотація англійською мовою.

Обсяг: 1800 знаків без пробілів (250-300 слів)

Key words:  5–10 ключових слів чи словосполучень, жодне з яких не дублює назву статті.


Problem statement. Involvement of scientific research results in the field of production, in modern conditions, necessitated the formation within the Civil Code (hereinafter - CC) of Ukraine of a system of legal norms, aimed at facilitating of the contractual registration of legal ties with the implementation of scientific achievements in production. ...




  1. Civil Code of Ukraine: Scientific and Practical Commentary / ed. O.V. Dzery, N.S. Kuznetsova, VV Lutsa. K., 2005. 1088 p. ...


Анотація українською мовою.

Обсяг: 1800 знаків без пробілів (250-300 слів).

Ключові слова: 5–10 ключових слів чи словосполучень, жодне з яких не дублює назву статті.