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Entrepreneurship, Economy and Law is the all-Ukrainian scientific and practical economic and legal journal, which has been published on a monthly basis since January 1, 1996.

Entrepreneurship, Economy and Law Journal was included in the list of scientific publishing houses which are entitled to public the main results of dissertations in the sections “Legal Sciences”, “Economic Sciences”, by the decree of Presidium SCC of Ukraine dated November 10, 1999 No. 3-05 / 11. The journal was re-entered into the section “Legal Sciences” of the indicated list, by the Decree of the Presidium SCC of Ukraine dated December 16, 2009 No. 1-05 / 6. The last re-registration of the journal in the section "Legal Sciences" was conducted in 2015 on the basis of Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 1328 dated 21.12.2015, Appendix No.8

The journal is included in the scientometric Database Index Copernicus International (the Republic of Poland).

Editorial staff awards every published paper with DOI (digital object identifier).


The author, submitting the article for publication to the editorial board of Entrepreneurship, Economy and Law, hereby expresses the consent to publish its full text, both in the printed version of the journal, as well as in the Internet on the official website -

The editorial board accepts articles in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Articles should not have grammatical or other mistakes and should correspond to the sections of the journal, as well as, the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to the specialized publications.

The submitted articles must be original, not published earlier in other printed publications. The article is accepted for consideration, only if it meets the requirements for the author's original articles (materials), posted on the journal's website in the section Requirements for Publications.

All materials must be conducted on an open basis. The presence of a restrictive stamp serves as the basis for rejecting the material from an open publication.



To consider the issue of publication of an article in № 2 of Entrepreneurship, Economy and Law Journal, it is necessary by February 5, 2020:

  1. fill online application form of the participant on the site of the journal;
  2. send to e-mail Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. :
  • an article;
  • a scanned confirmation of payment for publication fee (the payment details will be after receiving of the materials).

The files must be signed in Ukrainian according to the author's surname and contain the word “Article” or “Confirmation of payment” in the second part (for example, Ivchenko_article, Ivchenko_payment).


The editors inform the participant about the receiving of the article within 2 day.

The editors of the journal are authorized to carry out scientific and bibliographic editing of the received materials. If it is necessary, materials can be reduced in agreement with the author, or, if the subject matter of the article is of interest to the journal, the article can be sent to the author for correcting.

The editorial staff reserves the right to reject an article, which does not meet the requirements or subject matter of the journal. In the case of a rejection of the submitted article, the editorial gives the author a reasoned opinion.


  1. The amount of publishing fee is 700 UAH for 12 pages. In case of exceeding this volume, you will have an additional payment, amounting 110 UAH for each additional article page.
  2. Payment details will be sent after receiving materials for publication.

The author will get journal printed copy which includes a published article; it will be sent by mail, on March 10, 2020.