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Юридичний науковий електронний журнал

Прикарпатський юридичний вісник

Право і суспільство

Науковий вісник Міжнародного гуманітарного університету. Серія: «Юриспруденція»;

Юридичний вісник; 

Держава та регіони. Серія: Право;


Law. State. Technology;

Дніпровський науковий часопис публічного управління, психології, права;

Juris Europensis Scientia.

Інформація про можливість подання статті в «Підприємництво, господарство і право» з’явиться на цій сторінці пізніше. Будь ласка, слідкуйте за оновленнями сторінки.

Entrepreneurship, Economy and Law №11 2019

Entrepreneurship, Economy and Law №11 2019



Olha Avramova
Formation of residential legal relations

Ruslan Basenko, Hennadii Avanesian, Evheniia Mostepaniuk
Socio-humanistic orientation of civil justice

Petro Huivan
Justification of actions of government authorities and national courts in the area of access to public information

Nataliia Zilnyk
Agreement on the provision of tourism services: concept and features

Oksana Kozak
Personal non-property rights of orphaned children and children deprived of parental care when accommodating them into foster family

Kateryna Lubiana
Methods of a lawyer’s activity during simplified action proceeding in the civil procedure of Ukraine

Liubov Maliarchuk
Legal essence of debtor’s asset freeze when applying penalties

Mariia Mendzhul
The application of family law principles

Taras Rym
Special aspects of implementation of equity rights

Bohdan Sanin
Evidence in the cases of establishment of facts of legal significance

Nataliia Serhiienko
On the problems of legal status of state executive authorities and executors

Olena Sibiliova
The concept of information services agreement


Oksana Vinnyk
Legal support of the social focus of electronic business

Lina Doroshenko
Corporate agreements in the national law and law of Anglo-American legal system

Vesta Malolitneva
Innovative partnership as a special procedure of public procurement in the European Union and means of innovations development

Svitlana Mamedova
Reasons for the imposition of punitive sanctions in commercial law of Ukraine

Konstiantyn Pilkov
Conditions of obligatory facts for commercial court established in another case

Valerii Poliukhovych
On the issue of reforming (recodification) of the commercial legislation of Ukraine


Olha Burlaka
On the problem of definition of the concepts and features of social protection of family, childhood, maternity and paternity

Serhii Kabanin
Legal nature of agreements regulating wage work

Olena Kostiuchenko
Justice of labour conditions as basis for the reforming of labour legislation of Ukraine

Maksym Panchenko
Judicial authorities in the legal support of decent work at the civil service

Roman Shabanov
The concept of decent work in Ukraine: the status of introduction and development prospects


Serhii Lushpaiev
The legislation of Ukraine in the area of production, circulation and marking of organic agricultural products


Roman Krupnyk
Statutory regulation of the status of the subject of the right of permanent use of a land plot


Alona Babich
Practice of the European Court of Human Rights in the enforcement of human environmental right

Ihor Bondarenko, Vladyslav Chiher
Legal problems of the functioning and development of biosphere reserves of Ukraine

Tetiana Bulykina
International and legal standards in the area of animal protection and their application in Ukraine

Valeriia Dokuchaieva, Viktor Brykov
Features of the private property right to wildlife resources of Ukraine

Tetiana Yermolaieva, Yuliia Shevchenko
Protection of wildlife from abusive treatment in Ukraine

Karyna Korniienkova, Olesia Protsenko
Legal regulation of waste management in Ukraine and the European Union

Khrystyna Marych
Correlation of the state environmental policy and environmental legislation of Ukraine

Marianna Sahradian
Features of the exercise of right of ownership of forests in Ukraine

Khrystyna Chopko
Legal nature of household wastes


Mariia Blikhar
Financial and legal nature of the relations originating during investment activity

Yurii Burylo
Modern development of the national legislation on feeding-stuffs

Olena Varhuliak
Ministries as a subject of administrative and legal support of the exercise of people with disabilities

Heorhii Zubko
The sixth technological wave: infrastructure and legal aspect

Vita Kononets, Vladyslav Boiko, Volodymyr Boiko
Features of units reforming in the agencies of the National Police upon the project “Police officer of Hromada”

Roman Truba
Jurisdiction of the State Bureau of Investigations of Ukraine

Vitalii Yurakh
Forms of public participation in efficiency improvement of the functioning of executive authorities


Yurii Miroshnichenko
Constitutional and legal aspects of the guarantee of social human and civil rights


Tetiana Potopalska, Olha Koval
Features of the legal regulation of gasoline exercise duty


Ihor Zabokrytskyy
The formation of the principle of amicable treatment of international law in the practice of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

Nataliia Kovalenko
History of the establishment of the concept “legal regime”

Liudmyla Mikhnevych
The issues of trade law in the works of legal experts of the Ukrainian HEIs (the 1920s)

Olena Tkalia, Andrii Sheludko
The general principles of organization and activities of the state machine


Ruslan Volynets
Judgments, which were not reversed or changed by the courts of superior jurisdiction, as a subject of corpus delicti stipulated by Art. 375 of the CC of Ukraine

Liudmyla Demydova
The Criminal code of Ukraine and its social functions: comparative analysis

Serhii Kniaziev
Interaction of an investigator and operational unit staff in the criminal proceeding

Serhii Lukianchenko
Foreign experience in applying criminal responsibility to legal entities

Liudmyla Ostapchuk
The concepts “evasion” and “evasion prevention” from penalties not related to the deprivation of freedom

Nina Rohatynska
Interaction of state bodies and other institutions in the field of combating violations of customs rules


Olha Sotnykova, Hryhoryi Tretiakov
The influence of mass media on juvenile criminal behaviour


Alona Kalinovska
Evidence evaluation in the criminal proceedings at the stage of pre-trial investigation

Alina Kolomiiets
Mistakes when investigating criminal proceeding related to the distribution of narcotic drugs

Anna Nechval
Cooperation of investigators and operative units while carrying out a search of an apartment or other property of a person

Anton Cherniienko
Judicial practice of the support of public prosecution on drug-related crime by a procurator

Viktoriia Shkelebei, Tetiana Yatsyk
Jurisdiction over corruption and corruption-related offences as crimes in the area of official activities


Yuliia Hres, Valeriia Dyntu
The technology of tactical decision making: challenging issues

Anna Kolodina
Extrapolation of the principles of individual enquiry methods in the investigative activities


Alona Naichenko
Judicial protection with the use of electronic evidence


Andrii Bermas
The right to the use of marine resources according to the European Union law and international maritime law

Herman Halushchenko
The choice of foreign law by the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ihor Panonko, Mariana Tarnavska, Nataliia Blok
Legal defense of the national artistic heritage under the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage