Підприємництво, господарство і право №3 2022

Підприємництво, господарство і право №3 2022



Yurii Burylo
AI generated works and copyright protection

Mykola Haliantych, Volodymyr Kochyn
De-Sovietization of housing legislation: current challenges in martial law

Yuri Zaika
Protection of the professional honor and dignity of a police officer in war

Vitalii Makhinchuk
Scientific and practical analysis of current regulations, judicial practice and legislative initiatives in the field of compensation for property damage caused by damage to real estate as a result of armed aggression of the Russian Federation

Galyna Myronova
Digitalization of healthcare in Ukraine: legal support of public and private interests

Liliana Sishchuk, Viktoriia Vasylieva
Particularities of functioning of the general meeting of a joint-stock company under martial law


Bogdan Derevyanko, Olha Turkot
Legal regulation of cryptocurrency relations with in Ukraine: EU experience

Valeriy Polyukhovych
Some problem issues of legal regulation of appeals in the field of public procurement


Viacheslav Bukovskyi
Analysis methodology of administrative and legal support for intellectual property and investment protection

Ruslan Horiachenko
Actors of personnel policy in bodies of the National Police of Ukraine: concept, characteristics, classification

Liudmyla Domuschi
Administrative legal provisions for cases involving appeals against authorised actors’ decisions on administrative liability in Ukraine

Iryna Zarovna
Powers of the State Migration Service of Ukraine for making public policy on migration according to domestic legislation

Artem Zubko
Public policy of Ukraine: concept and essence

Oleksandr Zubov
Administrative procedures for fair and effective justice in Ukraine

Daria Kiblyk
Theoretical and methodological foundations for determining legal principles of making public policy on ensuring rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities

Inna Pidbereznykh
Administrative and legal framework for the national security of the United States and its impact on the ASEAN social and economic sector

Tetiana Shumeiko
General legal principles for making public policy on firearm circulation in Ukraine


Arkadii Zaporozhchenko
The prospective effect of a plea agreement at the judge’s discretion and of an arbitration agreement at the arbitrator’s discretion: comparative legal aspect


Ihor Faier
Modus operandi of lucrative violent crimes against foreigners


Olexandra Kaminska
Specificities of procedure for conducting an investigative experiment with the participation of a juvenile during the inquiry

Volodymyr Yashchuk
Examination of scent traces during inspection of the scene and other investigative (search) actions


Yuliia Komarynska
Reasons for opposition to the investigation of criminal offences related to domestic violence


Oleksii Drozd
Theoretical and legal aspects of classification of social guarantees for personnel of the state service of special communication and information protection of Ukraine