Entrepreneurship, Economy and Law №12 2019

Entrepreneurship, Economy and Law №12 2019



Olha Berezhenna, Serhii Diachenko, Tetiana Kulakivska
Proportionality principle in civil procedural law of Ukraine: theoretical and practical aspects

Iryna Bozhuk, Serhii Diachenko
Judicial practice of the application of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms

Olha Burlaka
On the characteristics of rehabilitative measures for lifelong disabled persons and disabled children

Oleksandr Vyhovkyi
Grounds for liability for information memorandum content in the international credit relations

Ihor Halian
Concept and legal nature of substantive corporate rights as an object of legal protection

Oksana Kozak
Features of the discharge of duties under the agreement on the placement of orphans and children deprived of parental care in the foster family

Liudmyla Kondratieva
Doctrinal approaches to the definition of the concept of group action

Aliesia Mytnyk, Inna Moroz
Commercial secret as an object of intellectual property right

Kateryna Moskalenko
Access to the essential drugs through the prism of human rights

Volodymyr Nykyforak
Conditions and procedure for implementing the tasks of international insurance system of civil responsibility of vehicle possessors “Green card”

Olha Onishuk
The concept and features of parental rights abuse

Liliia Radchenko
Modernisation of human rights protection in the area of family relations through the prism of ECHR practice

Iryna Tatulych
The legal status of a jury in civil procedure

Oksana Uhrynovska, Nelia-Sofiia Trusevych
Assessment of evidence admissibility: statutory regulation and judicial practice

Volodymyr Tsikalo
Fundamentals of the execution of participants’ rights under the Law of Ukraine “On Limited and Double Liability Company”


Iryna Andriiechko
General characteristic of the principles of commercial procedure

Tetiana Krytsun
Characteristics of the updated bankruptcy legislation of Ukraine

Maryna Kuzmina
Entities of small and medium business in the area of renewable energy

Arsen Kuliiev, Mukhammet Salikhohlu
Legal basis of marine agent activities

Serhii Maslovskyi
Powers of the court of original jurisdiction in bankruptcy proceedings

Nataliia Nykytchenko, Vladyslav Ostrynskyi
The genesis of the concept of EPC-contract as a special type of mixed contract

Svitlana Podoliak
FIDIC contracts as an instrument for investments attracting in Ukraine

Yurii Uzhakin
Grounds for judicial discretion when determining the fact of procedural rights abuse in commercial procedure

Olena Chernenko
The legal regime of state corporations’ assets


Roman Hryshchenko
On characteristics of the principles of disciplinary liability in labour law

Valentyn Melnyk
On characteristics of the reasons for consideration of labour disputes by litigation

Maksym Panchenko
The right to protection of labour rights in the context of the concept of decent work of the civil servants


Andrii Bodnar
International legal regulation of combating marine pollution: modern status and development prospects


Olha Bezpalova
Outstanding issues related to the respect for human rights when conducting anti-terrorist operation/ united forces operation

Viktor Bernadin
The concept and classification of administrative offences in the area of excide products turnover

Yaroslav Buryak
Transformation of administrative-legal status of public administration on the based of Human-centrism

Vladyslav Doroshenko
Subjects of public control over the activity of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine

Dmytro Kozar
The concept and essence of road-traffic safety

Yuliia Kozlova
Administrative liability for the violation of financial monitoring legislation: challenges and prospects

Serhii Lekar
Legal regulation of the economic security in Ukraine

Liudmyla Mohilevska
On the characteristics of the methods of the National Police activity on protection of the rights and freedoms of the child

Larysa Shumna
Guarantee of the labour rights of convicted persons (prisoners) according to the penitentiary reform 2015 – 2019

Vitalii Yurakh
Is informing a participation form of the community in the management of state affairs?


Yaroslav Zhuravel, Yurii Onishchyk
Constitutional and legal support for the realization of social human rights by the local self-government bodies of the united territorial communities

Oleksii Lokhmatov, Mykhailo Pryshliak
The current state of constitutional and legal regulation of the inauguration procedure of the President of Ukraine


Mykola Huba
Legal principles for the application of penalties for the budget legislation violation

Anastasiia Kosenkova
Definition of the term “beneficial owner” in decisions of the European Court of Justice

Yuliia Romaniuk
Financial responsibility as a category of financial law

Volodymyr Sosenko
Legal regulation of the relations on risks management of funds legalization


Ihor Diorditsa
Principles of cybernetic deontology through the correlation of things in existence and the proper


Vladyslav Veklych
The concept of historical and legal study of the Soviet period: aspects of concern

Nataliia Kovalenko
On the definition of the concept and features of the legal regime

Stepan Kovbasiuk
Areas of institutionalization of non-discrimination in Ukraine

Tereziia Popovych, Andrii Shavaryn
Substantial content of the fourth generation of human rights

Sofiia Fitsyk
The concept of “national aristocracy” in V. Lypynskyi’s political and legal views


Anna Baboi
Features of minors involvement in criminal activity

Kostiantyn Bielikov
Structure of criminal characteristics of street crimes

Ruslan Volynets
On the ratification of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

Oleksandr Kapustin
Intent in corpus delicti

Mariia Kikalishvili
Methods of individual prevention of corruption crimes

Andrii Opolinskyi
The typology of perpetrators which commit crimes related to the unlawful seizure of property in the field of entrepreneurship


Yaroslav Oliinyk
Investigative situations that arise when investigating a threat or violence against a defence counsel or a representative


Lesia Talianchuk
Forging of documents in the area of land relations: analysis of expert practice


Andrii Misiats
Topical issues of an attorney’s representation of public authorities and local self-government bodies in the courts in the context of constitutional changes: options for decision

Roman Nachos
Implementation of the advocacy standards of the European Court of Human Rights in Ukraine


Valentyna Alhash, Anna Pittel
The effectiveness of the institution of civic initiative in the European Union

Taisia Bodnaruk
The effectiveness of the Institute for Citizens' Initiative in the European Union

Lidiia Brazhnikova
Key areas for EU cooperation with NATO: the issues of maritime security

Iryna Zahrebelna
Definition of “European” country in terms of geographical criterion of EU membership

Viktoriia Klynchuk
Organizational and legal principles of cooperation between independent regulatory bodies in the area of rail transport of EU Member States

Oryna Kurylo
Turkey’s integration to the European Union: organizational and legal aspect

Serhii Onufriienko
Marriage agreement in the context of international marriages: domestic and European experience

Serhii Rashchupkin
Features of restrictions on gifts’ reception in Western Europe


Yuliia Sydorchuk
Analysis of the protection mechanism of the right to free elections